Top 12 Reasons to Choose Aluminum Restaurant Chairs

AC2700AR-2TAluminum restaurant chairs are maintenance free. Just wipe down with a wet cloth from time to time, and you’re done.

 Aluminum restaurant chairs are waterproof.  Leave them out in the rain, spray them with water and wipe them clean, spill ten glasses of wine on them and they’ll still retain that sleek polished look you love.

Aluminum restaurant chairs don’t rust. You’ll never need to worry about your patio chairs getting left out again in the rain.

Aluminum restaurant chairs look great for a lifetime. They don’t fade, the coating doesn’t wear out, and they don’t get scratched or rusty, cracked or loose at the joints. Just solid and classy for all time!

danishaluminumchaircroppedAluminum restaurant chairs give you the freedom to choose. You want simple? you got it. Sleek and chic? It’s all yours. Whether you want an updated modern design to fit your décor, or classic navy style for a 1940’s look, there’s probably an aluminum chair out there that meets your needs perfectly.

Aluminum restaurant chairs can have all sorts of seats and backs: Choose from a wide range of colors, materials and styles for your seats and backs. Upholstered vinyl, wood, or molded brushed aluminum seats can be yours for the taking. Backs can be vertically slatted, horizontally slatted, or flat. Find the chair that works for you!

Aluminum restaurant chairs are cheap. Other places might charge steep prices for aluminum chairs, but Restaurant Furniture Warehouse chairs are attractive, durable, maintenance free, and cheaper than similar wood, stainless steel, or wrought iron chairs. Enjoy the savings!

Aluminum restaurant chairs are lightweight: you can easily bring these chairs in and out of the restaurant, stack them, rearrange them, or carry them four at a time to an anxious customer at the other end of the restaurant, if necessary!

Aluminum restaurant chairs are stackable: You can choose the option of buying stackable aluminum chairs so you can tuck them away into a small corner when you don’t need them.

aluminum cafe chairAluminum restaurant chairs are comfortable: Hard to imagine? With options like molded seats, slatted backs, armrests, wood seats, or upholstered chairs; and the support of solid metal behind your back; these chairs are pretty comfortable after all!

Aluminum restaurant chairs are great for indoor use: A dining chair that is easily cleaned, spill proof, elegant comfortable and durable?! At that price?! It’s a no brainer!

luminum restaurant chairs are great for outdoor use: Weatherproof, waterproof, rustproof, lightweight, attractive looking, comfortable and cheap.

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